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Sex, Power, and Money: Films by Beth B

 (adult content)  -     

Genre: Various
Year Released: 1983-2017, 2023 Kino Lorber Blu-ray
Runtime: 5h 16m
Director(s): Beth B
Where To Watch: available September 19, 2023; pre-order here, or

RAVING REVIEW: Beth B broke the mold of traditional cinema, making waves in an industry where sticking to convention is all too common. Originating from the iconic “No Wave film movement” in New York during the end of the 20th century, she's sculpted a space for herself that few can parallel. But think again if you're in for a regular movie night. SEX, POWER, AND MONEY: FILMS BY BETH B isn't here to fit the norm but to challenge it. These films will make you think and will, at times, make you uncomfortable.

She was looking into a universe where storytelling transcends the usual plot. Beth B pushes us into societal intricacies, challenging our perceptions and urging us to connect profoundly. The question isn't whether she's bold; it's how deep she'll go next. You might be used to films that skim the surface, but SEX, POWER, AND MONEY: FILMS BY BETH B examines the undercurrents of society, unraveling layers and leaving viewers contemplative and, at times, on the edge of their couches with curiosity.

Her genius, particularly evident in her short films and documentaries, screams her willingness to go beyond and her unabashed creativity. Beth B's foray into cinema has often left viewers yearning for more. Even when she targets broader audiences, her signature touch remains unmistakable. As she draws inspiration from various places, including her journeys in life, the film's segments often reflect the tension that can remind one of their own lives. The ebb and flow of raw emotions, especially during intense character confrontations, create a cinematic ambiance that stays with you.

These movies don’t just stick to mainstream subjects; they also bring to light facets of culture that were once brushed under the carpet. SEX, POWER, AND MONEY: FILMS BY BETH B show us the transformative world of drag when it wasn't in the mainstream conversation, underlining Beth B's foresight and innovative spirit.

With SEX, POWER, AND MONEY: FILMS BY BETH B, you get to see an approach to cinema like a breath of fresh air, bringing forward stories that resonate across the board—ensuring that everyone finds a voice, from the hard-hitting issues to the softer undertones.

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